Integrated Human Factors Strategic Advisory

Our integrated HF Strategic Advisory is a comprehensive consulting service tailored to enhance human factors (HF) within an organization, with a particular emphasis on critical areas. This strategic advisory service is designed to shape the long-term goals and objectives of an organization related to HF, ensuring that key principles are seamlessly integrated into the organization’s overarching strategy.

Key Components of our Integrated HF Strategic Advisory:

  1. Business Case and Benefits/ROI:
    1. Business Case Development: Creating a strong rationale for HF integration.
    2. Targeting Business Benefits: Focusing on tangible advantages.
    3. Identifying Key Value Drivers: Recognizing what drives value.
    4. Benefit Analysis: Quantifying benefits, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
    5. Gains Estimation: Estimating potential business gains and savings.
  2. Maturity Check:
    1. Assessment: Evaluating maturity following our innovative SHF 2.0 framework.
    2. Focus on Improvement: Identifying areas for enhancement.
    3. Transformation Path: Mapping the route to maturity improvement.
  1. Strategic Planning
    • Objective Setting: Defining key goals.
    • Function Prioritization: Identifying critical tasks.
    • Project Roadmap: Developing a clear plan.
    • Timeline Setup: Creating project schedules.
    • Resource and Cost Estimation: Figuring out what’s needed.
    • Value Achievement: Planning to realize full value.

Advisory for Sustained Human Factors Success

In our commitment to continuous improvement, Successful Human Factors™ provides services in the the following categories to ensure sustained success and ongoing enhancement of human factors integration:

1. Alignment and Optimization:

    • Health Check and Alignment Enhancement: Periodic evaluation and realignment of human factors strategies for better outcomes.
    • Optimizing Human Factors Solutions: Assessing and enhancing existing solutions for maximum value realization, including data-driven insights.

2. Specialized Advisory Services:

    • Specialized Advisory Services: Industry-specific expert advice for tailored human factors solutions.
    • Mastering Data Quality and Integration: Improving data quality and integration, including postmarket surveillance data.

3. Performance Enhancement:

    • Propose Remediation Plans: Recommendations to address deviations and minimize value loss.
    • Identify Additional Opportunities: Exploring new avenues, including postmarket surveillance data analysis, for continuous improvement.

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