The Future of AI in Healthcare Development: Successful Human Factors™ Adds AI Integration Services Powered by Pioneering AI Copilot Suabix™ (Now Live!)

In the summer of 2023, Successful Human Factors™ proudly unveiled Suabix™, the first AI Human Factors Copilot for medical product development teams. After meticulous crafting and testing, Suabix is now available to stakeholders with flexible deployment options.

This patent-pending and innovative AI solution emerges as a game-changer ready to reshape the landscape of healthcare product development and patient safety. Tailored specifically for life sciences product success, Suabix offers innovative AI capabilities to streamline processes while meeting the unique needs of this industry.

Expert AI Integration and Consulting Services Powered by Suabix™

Leveraging its proven expertise in the field, Successful Human Factors introduces premium AI Human Factors Integration Consulting Services powered by Suabix. With a focus on enhancing efficiencies and driving success in healthcare product development journeys, Dr. Katia M. Rojas, the Founder and CEO, emphasizes the commitment of a team of experts to guide clients towards achieving their goals.

Explore Advanced AI Features with Suabix

Suabix introduces a suite of advanced AI features, including Smart Templates, AI Chat, Image Analysis, Audio Transcripts, and Speech-to-Text functionality. These sophisticated AI components seamlessly integrate with existing human factors and usability engineering processes, positioning Suabix as an indispensable partner in medical product success.

Dr. Katia M. Rojas, the innovator behind Suabix, emphasizes, “We differentiate ourselves from those who are merely following the AI hype. Beware of improvisers claiming expertise in artificial intelligence for medical human factors. This is not a simple task to undertake!”

As the developers of the first AI solution for this field, we take pride in expertly delivering our proven AI-HF tools & guidance at every stage of the medical product development process. “Our years of innovative work and research in ‘successful human factors’ combined with the development of AI solutions for this purpose (Suabix is a testament to that), serve as the foundation of our offerings, concluded Dr. Rojas.

The Future of Healthcare is Suabix

Experience the transformative power of Suabix and revolutionize your healthcare product development process ensuring successful human factors engineering integration. Embrace the future of human factors engineering by joining the Suabix revolution today.

Get in touch to learn more about how to accelerate your healthcare product development with expert AI-Powered tools and guidance at every phase. Start your innovative journey by scheduling a demo at or reaching out directly:

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