Full Spectrum Human Factors Project Management

Our specialized services offer the express route to human factors (HF) project success. Whether you require an interim project manager or a full-scale Project Management Office (PMO), our expertise is the driving force behind your HF projects. 

Specialized Services, Proven Practices

With decades of experience, we provide specialized services designed to accelerate success by implementing key project management (PM) practices that are proven to:

  • Ensure HF project success
  • Elevate quality and excellence
  • Accelerate business productivity

These practices enable a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, making us your go-to partner for achieving HF excellence through our unique, industry-focused approach.

Why Choose Successful Human Factors Project Management?

We have the know-how and validated industry-focused framework for successful human factors projects. We’ve partnered with key stakeholders, ensuring our services are exceptional.

Empowered by the SHF 2.0 Framework

We drive project success by unlocking the power of the industry-focused SHF 2.0 framework, a product of pioneering research that integrates proven project management practices with critical human factors engineering pillars.  Characterized through our original and groundbreaking work, key SHF 2.0 categories include: Planning & Documenting, People, Tools &  Methodology, Timing & Integration, and Communicating & Reporting.

By harnessing our proven framework, we infuse your projects with the key success factors necessary for excellence in human factors project delivery.

Tailored to your Needs

Meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of various stakeholders:

  • Medical device and combo product developers: Ensuring efficient project management for medical device innovation, reducing time-to-market, and enhancing regulatory compliance.
  • Human factors service providers (HSPFs): Streamlining the delivery of human factors services, improving quality and on-time project completion.
  • Regulatory services providers: Enhancing regulatory compliance for a seamless experience in the highly regulated healthcare industry.
  • MedTech organizations without in-house HFE PM function: Offering the expertise to manage and optimize human factors projects without the need to expand your workforce.
  • Any organization looking to level up medical human factors maturity for optimal project success: Elevating human factors practices and project management to achieve superior outcomes.

Industry-Focused PM Solutions

We provide everything you need to support the success of your human factors projects:

  • P3 (Project, Program, Portfolio) Management
  • Process Implementation and Improvement
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Dynamic PM Dashboards and Metrics

Our project managers efficiently handle:

  • Calendaring & Scheduling
  • Status Reporting & Audits
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Budgeting & Resource Planning

Top-tier Project Managers Trained for Excellence

Our project managers are carefully selected and trained to rigorously apply SHF 2.0, ensuring your projects stay on budget, meet quality standards and deadlines.

Dedicated Support

You have a dedicated account manager ready to assist. Contact them through calls, emails, or video meetings at any time.

Cost Savings 

But that is not all, by engaging our specialized services, you also benefit from cost savings in several areas:

  • Elimination of benefits and training costs.
  • Savings on recruitment expenses.
  • Access to digital tools at the enterprise level.
  • Utilization of SHF 2.0 tools, including Suabix, available to our team.

ROI Interpretation

By using our services instead of hiring a typical project manager, you can achieve a 130% return on investment. This means that for every $1 spent on our services, you can potentially save $1.30 in project management costs (contact us to learn why)

The Role of a Successful Human Factors Project Manager

A dedicated human factors project manager acts as an extension of your team: streamlining project management, optimizing processes, and ensuring the successful execution of your human factors initiatives.

PM Excellence

A dedicated project manager can help keep your human factors projects in order. They can organize tasks, manage project documentation, take notes during meetings, and monitor the progress of ongoing projects. They can also participate in project reviews and offer insights for ongoing improvement.

Project Planning and Execution

Your project manager can oversee project planning and execution. They can create project schedules, manage deadlines, prioritize tasks, take the lead in project communication and stakeholder engagement.

Resource Management

Your dedicated project manager can efficiently allocate resources, ensuring the right personnel, tools, and technology are in place to meet project objectives. 

Achieving Human Factors Excellence Has Never Been Easier

Whether you need part-time or full-scale project management, Successful Human Factors is the fastest way to ensure your human factors projects meet the highest standards. By working with us you will be able to:

  1. Select the right PM solution for your unique needs: Tell us about your human factors projects and how we can assist. 
  2. Dashboard for Project Monitoring: Begin collaborating directly with your project manager. Track project progress through your dedicated dashboard.
  3. Flexible and Customizable: Should you need to adjust project priorities or resources, simply reach out to us, and we’ll promptly accommodate your requests.

Take your HF Projects to the Next Level: Bring Industry-Focused PM

Let us manage specialized PM tasks so your team can focus on the critical work.
Infuse HF projects with the essential PM best practices without adding headcount!

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