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As a platform dedicated to promoting and improving best practices in the realm of Human Factors (HF) for medical devices, we value the input of stakeholders, particularly HF practitioners. We firmly believe that through the sharing of collective knowledge and expertise, we can cultivate a vibrant community that fosters support and collaboration, ultimately driving the standardization of best practices.

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  • Learn about and implement the groundbreaking SHF 2.0 Maturity Framework
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  • Join a group or create your own group and invite others
  • Share your own knowledge and experiences
  • Stay current on the latest trends and innovations
  • Unlock more features and resources as they are added to take your HFE projects to new levels of success!

Join our community of practice to gain unprecedented access to industry insights, resources, and a network of key stakeholders in medical device human factors. Grow your network and stay ahead of the latest trends to supercharge the success of your projects. 

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