A Narrative Review of FDA Human Factors Validation Requirement: The Needs of Key Stakeholders and Proposal of an Industry (Human Factors Service Providers) Maturity Assessment Tool

As part of a comprehensive Quality System Regulation (QSR), the human factors (HF) validation requirement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a relatively recent topic. Multiple issues and bottlenecks have emerged since the publication of the draft guidance in 2011. The scientific literature on the topic of ‘FDA HF validation requirement’ is mostly focused on HF methods to ensure success from that perspective. However, the development of across-the-board strategies that can address other critical factors is necessary. No previous scientific research has outlined and addressed the problems, considering the QSR and the needs of key stakeholders. For that purpose, this effort presents a narrative review of how the HF requirement for medical devices and combination products developed, as well as the issues and interventions that have taken place to address the bottlenecks. Some essential considerations such as notorious knowledge-based and process-based gaps are discussed. Similarly, because of the demands of a changing QSR, attention is brought to the need to align key stakeholders, namely manufacturers and HF service providers (HFSPs). Also, the development of an industry (HFSPs) maturity assessment tool and future research for that purpose are proposed.

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